Crizal Lenses: An Introduction

Thanks to the people at Vibes Communications, I will be equipped with a new pair of spectacles, not just any normal pair, but one with Crizal lenses with Transitions.

My earlier post talked about how this new technology from Essilor seemed so interestingly fresh. It’s a real surprise how could I ever miss news or announcements about this. This new breakthrough in lens technology has gotten me real excited about spectacles again. The only ever time, a long time ago, that got me swooning over spectacles, was when Transitions was launched. However, it was way out of my reach then, and NS had loads of rules.

It’s so normal for us to be more interested in choosing the nicest, coolest, trendiest frame to fit our face shape, our style and our usual clothes. During my primary school days, I always love to try on my classmate’s glasses just to see if I look cool in them (which may explain why my vision got reduced from a high of 6/6). No one mentioned about anything about the lenses at all. During my secondary schools days, yes, maybe I started to enquire about lens coating (multicoat vs. single coating) because again, it looks cool to see multiple colours on your lenses instead of the simple white reflection. I didn’t know what it was for then. My main focus was to choose a frame that fits me, and to let the opticians select the lenses.

Essilor’s range of Crizal lenses will hopefully change that perception that all lenses are the same. I also hope that when I get my spectacles a week from now, my preconception, about how lenses are no different from one another, will change too.



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