Wireless@SGx: Configuring encrypted connection

Wahaha. This is the very first time that I’ve gotten a super powerful wireless@sg connection.

Screenshot | BIG_MOUSE | Wireless@SG Connection @ TCC Suntec

Screenshot | BIG_MOUSE | Wireless@SG Connection @ TCC Suntec

Because of com428, we decided to come out of our cosy homes, once again, on a day with no lessons, to have a group meeting. Sadly, Burger King @ Esplanade Xchange permanently sealed all its power plugs, except 1. and that lone power plug has no power. SAD! Irwin suggested TCC Suntec just an escalator away from Esplanade Xchange.

It was a real good suggestion man. I have 2 wireless@sg access points to choose from. I have a full 3-bar connection to the access point. Now, that’s power. Internet’s way faster here. And since I have some time before my group members turn up, I started to research about wireless@SGx.

The key difference between wireless@sg and wireless@sgx is the encryption (another comparison = NTUWL vs NTUSECURE). wireless@sg has no encryption whatsoever. Techies with electronic packet sniffers can sieve out passwords, personal data, anything that is transferred between your mobile device and the internet access point. When you sign in to GMail for example, your browser will send a packet to gmail server via the wireless@sg access point. Anyone with the right software that is connected to the same access point can access that packet containing your password information. wireless@sgx provides an additional layer of protection (https:// connections help too) from sniffers.

I implore all frequent users to please proceed to this link to setup your secure/encrypted wireless@sgx account.

Screenshot | BIG_MOUSE | The Options

OPTION 1, the automatic method, doesn’t work for me for some reason. OPTION 2 (scroll down the link a little) would be the safer bet.

P.S. The service staff @ TCC Suntec is really nice. UPZ!



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