Electronic Road Pricing: Justifications

Reading the Straits Times article a day ago, I was quite amused that the rationale given for the increase in the rates.

Asked by Madam Cynthia Phua if the review should reflect the higher traffic due to population growth, Mr Lim said this is not prudent as the optimal speed ranges are determined based on the physical capacity of the roads.

Allowing a lower speed threshold because of population growth will simply lead to poorer service levels on roads and more widespread congestion, as the physical capacity of the roads remain unchanged.

Isn’t it quite obvious that traffic conditions will change if the ratio of cars to motorcycles to huge commercial vehicles? It is not just about the physical capacity of the roads man.

Based on my past and present email conversations with LTA/MOT, I have little hope of seeing a fundamental change in the way they ‘monitor’ traffic conditions. To LTA, school holidays start on the 22nd of November 2010 this year, when it is common knowledge that most, if not all, secondary schools have closed for a 2-month break (except for enrichment/remedial classes) which will significantly reduce traffic on our expressways.

I shall post up excerpts of our email convos soon. For now, 1 quick solution for drivers to undertake to ensure that there are no more erp increases.

1st quick solution (you may get caught doing this): People who drive early in the morning during or just before the peak hours start, please speed up to at least 100/110 km/h. If everyone travels at 110km/h, the average expressway speed would increase during LTA’s traffic speed measurement period. Wouldn’t this then stop the ERP rates from continuously increasing. Try it. 🙂

2nd quick solution (may not be feasible, or is it): BAN, and I mean BAN all vehicles that do not travel at 90km/h. By removing commercial vehicles that are limited to 60/70km/h from the expressways, our average speed would increase dramatically too. Cars will now have ALL 3 lanes (not just 1 currently) to travel at 90km/h 🙂


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