Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Hit-and-post-a-note incident

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Hit-and-post-a-note incident

Okay, the note is no longer there as this photo was taken one day after the incident. The offender wrote a note saying that he/she took photos of the incident, and to call him/her at a particular number. At least that person was nice enough to leave his/her contact number down. If not, this latio driver would be damn pissed just after getting out of bed.

I have always wished that this type of hit-and-‘run’ incident will not happen in my house carpark. I think this is the 1st instance of this happening here. More and more inexperienced drivers are given their license way too early. The way they teach parking in our driving schools are also inadequate. CDC, BBDC, SSDC, etc should put real cars beside or along the parking lots that learners are supposed to reverse into. Get them used to the fact that in real life, parkings lots surrounding the lot you want may not be always empty for you to make multiple tries.

In other news, the avante has, now, a secondary powering up method. Also, with this sticker, I gained 5 extra BHP. 🙂 *joke*

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Fuel cap power button

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Fuel cap power button


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