more off the list

  • com401 essay submission (globalisation) – 19nov  (almost done)
  • com424 10-page script submission – 19nov (almost done)
  • com428 grp project 2, financial press release – 10nov
  • com428 grp project 3, forum replies – 24nov
  • com433 grp presentation, preception study about ntu – 29nov
  • AAI486 grp presentation (acoustics) – 26nov
  • AAI486 essay submission (acoustics) – 3dec

4 more, just 4 more to go, and then 3 final papers, and this semester will be over. over. To me, year 1 is the easiest year so far. I was ‘tricked’ into thinking that life would get better after year 1. I was wrong, the people who gave me that impression was wrong. I thought that year 1 was full of 8.30am lessons, yes, it was 8.30am then. Seniors told us that as we moved up, we would have lesser 8.30am/9.00am lessons. They were wrong again. haha. For some reason, the school decided to change the way they timetabled and tada, we got loads of 9am classes. Depending on the number of CS courses you took during year 3/4, you could have 9am lessons for ALL 5 DAYS!

Back to my essay.


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