Wireless@SG has degraded to a point where any attempt to get access to the Internet is almost impossible.

IDA, or whoever, you know what I think? I think that Wireless@SG is useless in our society now. For the past few days, I have not once been able to even reach the login page for Wireless@SG, be it in the airport or some fast food restaurant. It is either too many people are using it, or the bandwidth allocated to users is too low.

Here’s what I think. Spend more money upgrading Wireless@SG or start to reconsider your options. Another suggestion would be to start subsidising 3G dongles/mobile internet plans to get people to subscribe to them.


2 thoughts on “Wireless@SG

  1. but i think i’m kinda glad that the wireless@sg isn’t so easy to access. it gives me a nostalgic feel, how we used to have to wait patiently as the dial-ups connect. if not for the near impossibility to log on, i think that technology would be just too advanced- we’ll have no more excuses to tell people that we can’t access the internet to reply a work email and such.

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