Exterior: Dummy antenna

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Dummy antenna, LHS (Waxing in progress)

Photo | BIG_MOUSE | Dummy antenna, LHS (Waxing in progress)

First up, the fake antenna on the left-hand side of the car near the rear brake lights. This manually extendable metal rod is encased by a hard rubber mount. Avantes that are sold in Singapore do not use this antenna. Komoco brings in the cars without the factory fitted integrated headunits from Korea. Pioneer is then tasked to install Pioneer headunits which comes with internal antennas.

However, if you want to wire your radio to this old-school antenna, there are many workshops in Singapore that can do this. To be sure and to avoid wasting time at the workshop, please google around and search for workshops that specialises in Korean cars. I don’t really do up the audio system in my car, so, nope, no suggestions or recommendations here.

One more thing, look at the picture closely. This was taken about two months ago. There is ONE crack on the top of the rubber mounting. Now, the mounting has like a lattice of cracks. It is unsightly, but surprisingly, the mounting hasn’t disintegrated into pieces yet. It is still holding up well.

If you hate this dummy, useless accessory, you or the same workshop can remove this without any huge hassle.




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