unforgettable, really?

I need an unforgettable day this semester. Apple, please make sure it is really unforgettable. It would be like a realy early christmas present. My wish is that you will give 5 US dollars for every original song that users have. That would be unforgettable. Or you could store all our music somewhere securely, very securely, and we can access them anytime, anywhere.  Imagine a situation where your iPods or iPhones do not need to store any songs on their physical drives, they will just access a super huge online server when you wanna play a song. That would be cool AND unforgettable. 🙂

update 2352 16nov: the unforgettable day, is sadly, forgettable. Firstly, I’m not really Beatles fan, and secondly, this release is not available in Singapore BECAUSE Singapore doesn’t have an iTunes music store. How wonderful.

In other more boring, and forgettable news, edveNTUre, NTU’s learning portal, will be updated to version 9.1. I didn’t even know that edveNTUre had a version number as it has never changed since my matriculation. More interestingly, the sneak preview doesn’t work on the mac (even after installing flip4mac) which tells me that the new edventure may not be fully compatible with mac systems.


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