Whistle blowing, expansion in progress

This new development is quite awesome. Whistle-blowing has reached academic institutions. This initiative would be quite good as it keeps faculty members on their toes. In addition to their pressures from keeping up with their research and teaching requirements, those who do not follow the ‘law’ will need to ensure that they are not caught.

Based on the informational paragraph about the policy (image below), this program is only available to faculty and staff. So what is it doing in STUDENTLINK? and why? And has this new initiative been made known to both faculty and staff? If this ‘campaign’ is not handled properly, they will feel that the top management of NTU distrust their own employees. If this perception is not addressed quickly, things could get out of hand. Negative news like these spread really quickly by word-of-mouth.

No doubt, this is a good initiative, but the most important thing now is that NTU needs more positive news and announcements to counter whatever bad reputation it has garnered because of the recent skewed (maybe biased) news reports/articles. Plan your initiatives well. Realise that your main aim now is to improve NTU’s brand reputation and not to introduce ‘weird’ policies at the wrong time, in the wrong information portal.


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