Update: school stuff

These 11 days 6 hours 50 minutes were the longest time of my life this semester. Juggling projects and assignment deadlines, it was really terrible and nightmarish. Talking about having nightmares, I dreamt I was in my own script a few days ago. That’s scary. 11 days 6 hours and 50 minutes from the beginning of mad week, I have only ticked 1 item off my to-do list.

  • com401 essay submission (globalisation) – 19nov  (almost done)
  • com424 10-page script submission – 19nov (almost done)
  • com428 grp project 2, financial press release – 10nov
  • com428 grp project 3, forum replies – unknown
  • com433 grp presentation, preception study about ntu – 29nov
  • AAI486 grp presentation (acoustics) – 26nov
  • AAI486 essay submission – 3dec

Windows, take that, I bet your laptop cannot last 11 days without a single crash. 🙂


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