NTU in the news

Even as we learn about techniques to improve media relations, NTU may have tried that. The news about a new pub and cinema to improve NTU and its culture made it to front page of Straits Times home section. I would think that the arrests of the lui mangs would be more newsworthy as compared to the news about NTU.

Good news in the press, yes, but sadly, this news article reveals the current situation in NTU.

Like all other new intiatives, students are never consulted about anything. Culture in NTU doesn’t just consist of NTU’s top management. Students make up the largest group of people in NTU, but no, the news of new initiatives are never released to us, or for that matter, even discussed with us. NTU students only got to know about this, for the first time, when Straits Times released this article. What happened to communicating with students? Are we that insignificant in your eyes?

If you did organise a dialogue session, or even open up a proper feedback portal for students, you may have found out that what we want aren’t cinemas, pubs, we need(want) more on-campus housing. We need quicker and more stable internet access on-campus. There are needy students who need grants and scholarships. Lower the requirements necessary to allow for more students to get financial help. the list goes on…

Who needs cinemas and pubs? We have other choices elsewhere. We would rather you spend money on more essential stuff that will help us.

We don’t need you to please outsiders and the media, or to write stories to improve NTU’s brand to outsiders. IMHO, you will need to understand that internal audiences like professors, lecturers and students NEED to love and to identify with NTU first. Without handling your internal affairs, how can you go about improving NTU’s image when negative opinions from the inside will negate everything.

Sadly, this latest news release may do NTU more harm than good.


2 thoughts on “NTU in the news

  1. sometimes i want to scream at the school and tell them they are being dumbasses, and to stop with all these mindless things. then i remember i am only here for one and a half year more. why should i try to improve something i have no love for? its a cycle i believe.

    • Thanks incrdiblechimey, well said. 🙂 But you see, I(we) have love for WKWSCI. and WKWSCI IS, sadly, under NTU. I just dunnoe, and the feeling of giving up on this school is actually quite strong…

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