I hear something new…New technology for lenses.

The last time I got excited over spectacles and lenses was when transition lenses were launched. I was so excited about that new technology and so wanted the function of having sunglasses without the need of bringing a separate pair around. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to use them during National Service. Because of that, I lost interest in the product. Without enough money too, I wasn’t able to buy one pair of spectacles for NS and another for leisure.

Now, Irwin has just got me super excited about Essilor’s Crizal lenses lah! Imagine lenses that you need not clean, lenses that repel water, lenses that are scratch-resistant. Just to bring those qualities to my car’s windscreen, I will have to splurge on silicon wipers, bottles of chemicals to remove stains and smudges and good washer fluid. Now, all those technologies are included in those small lenses.

That and more. I can get transition-ability in those lenses too. how awesome is that. Now, I will need to get more information about this. So hyped up about the lenses man.

Disclaimer: I am not in possession of this set of  lenses yet, so I do not know whether the lenses perform as well as what is advertised. Once I get my itchy hands on them, I will then dedicate a post on this.


2 thoughts on “I hear something new…New technology for lenses.

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