Alternative, it is and will be for now

Some people have asked me why I still call certain news websites – that are not under SPH’s umbrella – alternative new sites. To me, some of them are still alternatives, which are just there for no other reason except to complain and rant just to create some hype and to increase their ‘popularity’. I wouldn’t mind if they provide constructive comments and suggestions. I wouldn’t mind if the news articles are written responsibly. You can be biased and unbalanced about stuff, but please, there is no need to use harsh, value-laden words which may cause misunderstanding. A particular one started off well, with articles that report on things that SPH do not publish. Sadly, that website has become one that is out for blood – mindless complaining, comments with vulgarities, and childish behaviour. It totally looks bad on Singapore and true Singaporeans. I don’t think writing phrases such as FXXX the Government in your comments will help anything. seriously.

You want to make a change, join politics. Don’t just sit behind the computer criticising just for fun (or with more malicious intent). At least, if you’ve got any feedback, write in to the respective agencies to get answers. What’s the point of saying that MCYS sucks, YOG sucks. Write in and get the agencies to respond. Make them respond.

Till alternative websites show that they are capable of being real substitutes for SPH’s Straits Times, ST shall be my daily read.

Anyway, something good that came out of alternative websites. Citizens now have ‘power’ to get agencies to respond faster than before. The government and its agencies are now more afraid of Singaporeans who dare to voice out, and dare to effect change for Singapore and her citizens. Eg: When I briefly mentioned something about voicing my views to ‘alternative’ channels at the end of my feedback, MOT and LTA replied within a few days. Quite an impressive performance there. haha Sadly, Traffic Police hasn’t responded to me after 8 days (and counting).

Still, Singaporeans who CHOOSE and WANT to be a Singapore Citizen and WANT to live in Singapore, let’s do our part to make this country our home. I shall be a nag again, for those who HATES Singapore and her policies, we are not stopping you from leaving this red dot. Go find your green pastures somewhere else. Don’t freeload on our nice green fields here.


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