Electronic Road Pricing

or should it be renamed to ARP – Anyhow Road Pricing. Now I know why Singaporeans voice their concerns to alternative news websites instead.

Recalling my email correspondences with the Traffic Police regarding how heavy vehicles are speeding and hogging the faster lanes. They stopped responding to my emails and just told me that they are stepping up enforcement. Till now, I still see loads of trucks, lorries and buses causing traffic jams and bad accidents on expressways. 😦

a new issue has surfaced. From 1st November, today, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has completed its quarterly review of traffic conditions on Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)-priced roads and expressways, and will be revising the ERP rates at the following gantry:

Calling 1800-CALLLTA 3 times, and yet not getting a single response from them. Everytime I call, the ERP department will be busy and the CSO will then inform me that they will call me back. 1.5 weeks already, and no callbacks so far.

Why increase Westbound PIE (Kallang Bahru) by $1 from 7.30am to 8.00am? 1st of november is the start of sec/jc school holidays. Traffic will definitely be thinner than the month before that. When your next review happens in december, you will then report to everybody that ERP is helping keep traffic jams in check. That would be a lousy correlation. Traffic will decrease, because parents are no more fetching their students to school, not because of your erp charges?


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