the plight of sound engineers

Okay, the term ‘sound engineer’ isn’t very flattering. no alternatives? Sound guy sounds much better. But the ladies will think the term is sexist. wahaha.

Here’s a little just-for-laughs.

This top 10 list may sound amusing, but the stresses sound guys and girls go through are not properly documented. How I wish that some research can be done in this area. haha.

Sound people and musicians must learn to work with each other. Musicians is just a general term here. Both groups have conflicting interests…

  • Sound people want stage sound to be as soft as possible, musicians want it loud and thick
  • Sound people want musicians to not change their volume, musicians want to vary their volume knobs
  • Sound people want to reduce conflicting instruments, musicians want to play as though they are solo-ing.
  • Sound people want a eq-less source, musicians want to eq at their end
  • Sound people want a good mix with different instruments filling up different sound spectrums, musicians want their instruments to sound as full as possible
  • Sound people want a good FOH mix, musicians want a good monitor mix.
  • the list goes on

While some issues can be solved with technology (eg: in-ears), some are problematic, recurring issues. It is impossible to make every instrument sound full without creating a messy mix. It is nearly impossible to get a good stage sound without it affecting the FOH mix.

This problem mainly happens because both camps tend to be separate entities. Sound people do not involve themselves in the musical aspects, and musicians do not appreciate the dynamics and acoustical nature of sound. Till this is achieved, conflicts will always be there.


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