mbp: safari woes

if this article had a lead, it will be Safari sucks. 2 very important words in my lead. succinct. I like.

My ‘new’ mackbook pro (Apple replaced my old one after it crashed badly) has suffered the exact same failure as my old MBP. Safari. In both instances, I open a new tab in safari, and my entire system crashes. I can’t even command-option-esc. How nice right. I thus have no choice but to do a force shutdown. For my old mbp, it died immediately. I couldn’t even boot into a workable OS (be it safe mode or not). At least for my current mbp, it did boot into a workable os. I still was able to try to diagnose the problem.

Steps I took.

  1. booted up using the OS Install Disk, ran disk utility, repaired my HDD
    1. it repaired a few errors, but it can’t stably boot into the OS.
  2. i disabled my login items by pressing SHIFT after typing in my login password
    1. it booted up okay, finder didn’t freeze up
  3. next, i open my login items one at a time
    1. then i found out that safari was the one causing the lockups

Then, after a series of useless calls to Apple cust service, and through endless force shutdown and safari reinstallations, they couldn’t find the problem. They asked me to do a hardware test, and told me that she will call me back within the hour.

I waited, waited, and waited but no one did call. 😦

Steps to solve this problem (it may not work for all though – it works for me)

  1. Create a new user (admin) account
  2. login to that account to see if safari can boot up fine
  3. if safari works in that new user account, the problem is with your preferences files
  4. Delete any com.apple.safari.plist files from homefolder/library/preferences (back them up first)
  5. Delete all files from homefolder/library/safari (back them up first)

No more safari for me. period.


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