theory of evolution

Why do people support this theory of evolution, yet do not apply this theory for the consequences of climate change?

Let me make this clear first, I believe in creationism. And Darwin’s Theory of Evolution talks about how a particular species can evolve (changes in characteristics) to adapt to changing or changed environments. I do sincerely believe that Darwin’s theory is NOT talking about how one species morph into another (eg: like a bug into a dinosaur or a monkey into human beings). He did say that there is a divine being that first started something. He wasn’t really clear about that though.

Okay, back to my first question. If scientists believe wholeheartedly in their evolutionary theory, they shouldn’t be worried about climate change and about global warming. Just like how animals like finches have to adapt to changing environments, scientists should be sure that human beings can adapt to higher temperatures, sea levels and less oxygen.

So scientists, tell me, what’s so scary about changes in the environment that may seem to hurt us in the future? Based on your theories and beliefs, we would be able to adapt relatively well like our ancestors. Let your theory of natural selection suss out the better human species then. 😉

So what’s the point of wasting money on building complex models using supercomputers that drinks money that could have been given to help the needy. Scientists, read the Bible, your answers are in there. No need for your fancy report telling us that there may be water on some obscure crater on the moon. blah!


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