our benches are gone. once again

This may sound like a brainless complain. or maybe not.

we have only 16 benches (level 1) to cater to 160 students x 4 batches. Nvm about that. This is the 2nd time in less than a year that our studying and communal area has been taken away from us. The first time it happened was during the 1.5-month break in december 2009, they renovated the school’s facilities to welcome some overseas delegates but for unknown reasons, construction got delayed and ate into our semester. Because of repainting works were not completed, they removed all the benches. Fine, we all had to squeeze into ACRC or some other library/canteen to study.

Once again, in less than 8 months after the previous major overhaul, we are experiencing construction work during the school term.

No information was communicated to the student population. Apart from the boarded up skylight and the plastic sheet-covered benches, we do not know what is going on. Why why must it be done during the semester, at a busy time no less. Yea, the skylight has been leaking sporadically even after your major overhaul in dec09. Well, if there is something really wrong with it, inform us via email. Is it hard to drop all of us a memo or an email to inform us about this? Or you could at least have gotten the contractors to relocate the benches to a safer area. Or you could at least inform us in advance, so that we can move them ourselves.

If it’s just a mild inconvenience, tell us the expected completion date. It’s been about 2 weeks already.

I just hope that ensuring the uniformity and the neat layout/order at level 1 is not the reason behind your decision not to relocate the benches away from the construction site.

We are a communications school, but are we (a general term) leading by example?


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