This semester is full of nonsense once again. Not full full, but it still takes up quite a bit of time to overcome. Weird courses is one of them. The other is weird assignments. I can’t stand it if lecturers do not communication (how ironic). One lecturer lays out the project requirements and another lecturer marks the project. The one who marks do not know the exact requirements and marks us all down because of that. How terrible is that, and we are in a communication school. Charity begins at home. Good communication should begin at home too. HAIZ. Loads of time wasted because of that, all for 10%

I shall not go on about how 1 course totally duplicates what I have learnt before. 😦 Waste of 4AUs

God is still good, I must say.

I am glad that I have Tuesdays free (except when project meetings are scheduled then) to complete all these madly crazy assignments. I am glad to have friends to talk to regarding issues like these. I am glad that I have not gone mad/insane yet. And I have funny friends too. That’s what make the 1-hour trip to school that much more worthwhile.

I do not look like him.


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