Fail: petrol giants

Qn: What is seriously wrong with Esso?


They, together with DBS, initiated a lucky draw where ONE person will drive away a Merc C-Class.

Are you sure this C-Class is what consumers, drivers want? I think we would prefer cheaper pump prices then you charging us so much just to support this prize for that ONE person. This C-Class drinks fuel too, and this campaign pulls your company’s brand impressions down in the eyes of environmentally conscious people/activists.

Instead of using profits from the majority of drivers to benefit that few person, giving all esso customers more discounts would be so much more effective. HAIZ!

Lastly, maybe they should include buying a mercedes as the price for the lucky draw as the most important factor that influence your pump prices! (below: Esso’s official reasons to justify the increase in petrol pump prices)


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