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Caltex and Esso had to ‘humbly’ retract their decision to increase petrol prices by 3 cents about 3 days ago. This is despite the increase in crude oil prices from 75 dollars to about 82 dollars now. It is either CASE is really investigating whether the oil giants are price fixing, or SPC and Shell are trying to gain new, loyal customers. (Image |PetrolWatch)

That’s the good news. Now for the not so nice news.

I just received a letter from HSCS reminding me to renew our car insurance policy. It was all well til I saw the amount. HSBC has increased the basic premium by almost 50%, from 1k to 1.9k even though no claims against our own policy were made last year. This is crap. Thank goodness for FD, Dan, Lopez who reminded me about Aviva car insurance. After a rough comparison, Aviva provided us a quote that is 300$ cheaper than HSBC. HSBC, i am waiting for your favourable reply man. Any delays, poof, you are out.

In other news (what an eventful day)

I just love it when applications on the mac give me error messages that I don’t understand. It’s been a long time since I saw errors messages with weird numbers that do not mean anything. Recall all the 0xd**** messages? haha. That said, only iTunes can achieve this. Only applications that is available to both mac and windows can achieve this.

What in the world is unknown error (-50). Maybe -50 = the loss of IQ 🙂

One last thing. The new fruits (no vegetables) vending machine is buggy like mad. With the correct keystrokes, I can buy anything in there for 1 dollar. On the contrary, the items in there can cost up to 2000 dollars too. (Photo | Irwin)

Life is good, now, back to my treatment (scriptwriting)


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