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I just watched Razor TV, and they said that SMRT introduced the new jingle by Dim Sum Dollies to help commuters get into a right state of mind to be courteous and stuff like that.

Did SMRT/PTC/LTA really go through a series of surveys and tests to make sure that is what commuters need and want? Will the jingle really help commuters get into THE right state of mind?

I am in no position to support or criticise this new initiative, but seriously, they should have consulted their publics first before implementing something that rings in people’s ears. If that step was not done, nvm, it’s never too late to try to salvage the situation. Get feedback. Trawl the social media to read the huge amount of chatter about it.

They really need to improve in this area. Maybe, all initiatives should be run through their PR/Corp Comms department first man. Before that, get a proper team of professionals to handle these (branding, image, crises, management, stakeholders) issues that will definitely crop up as long as your corporation is under public scrutiny.

The song, in general, is well done…(Why is there no HD version. It is the year 2010 already)

However, the jingle that plays every time a train pulls into a station can get really irritating. It’s cute and stuff at first, but after a while, it gets to you. It gets worse during peak hours, when u hear the jingle many more times. SMRT should shuffle through a playlist of jingles. It will be less irritating that way.

Now, here is the actual jingle recorded at an MRT station.


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