Dove = peace?

This issue is so going to blow up, and it may blow up really badly. For those who don’t know, Dove World Outreach Church (America) is planning to burn Qurans to mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

So, what is so different between Islamic radicals and these people who profess to be Christians with a deep conviction. Both have that “deep” conviction, both have tunnel vision, both are performing and acting out radical ideas. The pastor of DWOC said in an interview that he must go ahead to do this because of countless prayers and a deep conviction from God. Terrorists also use this reason to perform suicidal attacks. Both can justify their actions ‘sufficiently’ for their own cause.

Most importantly, I condemn such an action. They profess to be Christians and yet they do this. Doing to others what you want them to do to you. Would you like someone to burn your Bibles too? Love your enemies? Burning their holy book does not fulfil that? The pastor of DWOC had the cheek to say that if Jesus was on Earth now, He would do the same. I can hardly agree with him.

Surprisingly, the local news media is not covering this issue quite as deeply as I would have expected. This religious confrontation may explode with such a big shockwave that may unsettle Singapore’s fragile harmonious society.


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