YC’s 10th Birthday + SnL

Firstly, a big big, enormously humungous-ly big thank you to all of you. 🙂 What else can I say. I shall try to be concise. 🙂

It’s been 7 long years since I moved from my ex-church to BBTC. Been in my ex-church for like 16 years, thus when I reached BBTC, I was quite reserved and stuff. Till I joined the sound / worship team and found myself slowly opening up. Every single one of you helped do that.

Each of you is just so precious to me lah. I know, I don’t really express it out well enough, but I still try to (and emailing you all is one of the ways. 🙂 This sounds weird and stuff, but each of you brings something new, something unique, that very special characteristic to the SnL table. We have quiet members. We have talkative ones. We have pros. We have responsible members. We have playful peeps, gigglers, lovers of soft toys, pple who are shy until cannot shy anymore, etc etc etc. It is because of these varying differences that tie this team together as one.

Am so glad to see everyone growing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Again, one big fat shoutout to all of you. “THANK YOU!!!!!” This award would be meaningless without anyone of you. I won’t know how long more I will be serving alongside all of you. But til God calls me away, I shall continue to do my best.

God bless.

God, thanks for this particular talent, and thanks for giving me this chance to give back to You through this ministry. I won’t know how to live life fully without this in my life.


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