battery powered devices

In my lifetime, handphones were introduced. I had the ‘privilege’  of calling home as and when I wanted. The sms-ing feature also earned me close friendships and somewhat instantaneous communication with people. Plans then were expensive and there were no bundled sms-es. I had to pay 5cents per sms, and my parents restricted me to 60 per month. It was really sad then. But but, I got the coolest phone then, the blue back-lit Nokia 8250. It was cool til the white back-lit 8310  came.

Photos | Nokia, GSMArena

“Sorry ma, my phone battery died. Couldn’t call you back.”


recall this song?

Listen baby, I’m sorry
Just wanna tell you don’t worry
I will be late
Don’t stay up and wait for me
I said again, your dropping out
My battery is low
Just so you know
We’re going to a place nearby
Gotta go

My generation is faced with yet another problem. More and more people are getting electronic bibles, whether they be in your iPods, iPads, handphones, etc. The various excuses given when someone doesn’t bring his/her bibles to church and/or classes include…

“Oops, forgot to bring”, “I thought I lent you my bible”, the list goes on.

Now, a new excuse is born. “My bible has no more battery.” A phrase that wasn’t heard just a few years ago. We are really charging ahead. Really quickly.


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