iPhone 4 + Singapore

Firstly, I really do not know what M1 is doing. Not that they are bad, but M1 is not under my watch list at all. 🙂

Starhub vs Singtel

So far, Singtel seems to be the more organised bunch this time round. Singtel’s website is updated quite regularly to provide essential information. They had time to produce 3 cheesy videos. They booked MBS Convention Centre to handle all pre-registrations and pre-appointments. No more queuing like some hell(o)-kitty fans.

However, the greenie seems so disorganised. Pre-registrations closed without any warning. No clear information where we could get the iPhone at 12mn on the 30th of July. No pre-appointed single place for Starhub users to get their iPhones. We all have to queue up at designated Starhub shops around Singapore. Looking at Starhub’s facebook page, the number of disgruntled loyal customers is increasing rapidly due to the lack of information provided from Starhub.

Why Starhub, Why. But is Singtel really that much better. Tonight, we shall know.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 + Singapore

    • HEY!! you are back. haha. Yea man, SH should have taken this chance to show us, the loyal customers, how capable they are. But against all my expectations, they failed to rise up. again. Haiz. quite saddening. haha

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