flood, what flood.

In Singapore, when our drains overflow, we create a hoo-hah over those incidences. Elsewhere, when their drains overflow (or dams break, or tsunamis hit), people drown and die, and then the hoo-hah rises from the damp ground.

We Singaporeans are too pampered, too comfortable in this nice, safe, secure country til we get so complacent about the reality of life. Yes, I will never know how bad the situation is as my house is way higher than highest high tide. Yes, I will never know how bad things get when your personal belongings get destroyed by the rising waters. The most ‘damaging’ experience I had was when a bout of heavy rains ‘flooded’ my carpark and the water nearly breached the door line. That’s all.

No one has died from the ‘floods’, and we should be thankful for that. There is no need to comprain and comprain like there is no more solutions available.


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