b-lanes: bus or bicycle

We should have bicycle lanes instead of bus lanes.

Bicycles take up less space, thus we need just 1/3 of the space currently assigned to bus lanes. Although we travel slightly slower than many other cars, we do not change lanes recklessly. We won’t even overtake using any lanes other than our bicycle lanes. We can’t kill anyone with our bicycles. Even if we crash into or hit something, the damage would be far lesser than a runaway bus.

By giving us cycling lanes, there would be lesser deaths on the roads and pedestrians will keep their mouths shut. Bus lanes are just plain useless.

How many more times SBS need to piss me off? Iris is unreliable, bunching still occurs, bus 14 and 17 is still as unreliable as before. Useless.

Just in – iris is dead again. (12jul 1611hours)


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