Guess what Toyota’s tagline is.

Yes, you got it right.

Moving Forward

The 2-word phrase is always seen below its big red brand name. Toyota is in the news, for all the wrong reasons once again.

In the recent times, Toyota has been bombarded by politicians, high-ranking officials, the media about their poor quality control that people already grew to trust. These issues are somewhat related to its tagline “Moving Forward”.


  • Their floor mats can allegedly cause the accelerator pedals to be stuck in the full position, accelerating the car uncontrollably. However, many other reports stated that the electronic throttle may be at fault, and Toyota is just pushing the blame away.
  • Toyota stated that their brakes have more than enough power to stop a vehicle accelerating. However, many victims of the uncontrollable acceleration reported that the brakes couldn’t slow down the car at all
  • This, however, is in line with their tagline. Moving forward (til they can’t stop; thus you can’t brake to slow down too).


  • The next issue was the problematic steering. Toyota issued a recall when it discovered that issue.
  • Again, this fits their tagline. Moving forward (thus you should not turn left or right)


  • Today, a small little column in the Straits Times reported that Toyota is recalling 270,00 vehicles because of engine troubles.
  • Sadly, this is the only publicly report event that contradicts their tagline (unless someone can think of a link between this engine trouble and their tagline).

That’s all for cars today…. “)


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