you have the right to stay silent…

Now before the grandmaster of Avante speak (:P),  here are some photos (Thanks IRWIN!)

Woohoo. Instead of becoming taxis like the Sonatas, the Avante has been transformed into (cheap) police cars. NICE! Bye bye Corolla Altis. If I were to be pulled over or stopped by a policeman in the Altis, I would be more interested in the 2 red rear-bumper dimples.

Okay, enough of nonsense.

If you are on the good side of the law, the following statements do not apply to you.

However, if you are on the not-so-good side, please read on.

  1. If the new police cars are unmodified Avantes, you can shake them off by
    • driving in a zig zag manner really quickly. The officer inside, if you are lucky, may get nauseous.
    • making quick turns one after another. The Avante may rock from side to side so violently that the officer gives up chasing you.
    • accelerating really quickly. You need to get a car that beats 121HP. 🙂
    • if you want to ram the officer at expressway speeds, do not even bother. The body comes with  factory-fitted anti-crumple bars all around (especially the doors)

However, I would assume that the cars are heavily modified and the only thing that is stock, if the car body itself. 🙂 I did a review on the avante quite a while ago, read it to find out more about how terrible the performance of the stock suspension is during sporty driving.

The new police cars looks really not bad at all. A little gripe. The siren/lights at the top of the car looks so small and so outdated. They look too boxy too. 🙂


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