Now I am super convinced that my holidays are more filled with activities and what-nots. and this problem is compounded by the time taken up by the temporary job I’m having. Going overseas twice this month was fun, seriously fun, but took up even more time. Watching serialised dramas (24, Glee, TopGear, etc) causes the maximum damage. 🙂

During the past semester, I had time to laze around doing nothing at all even though I got studies to handle. Now, 24 hours is not even enough for me. I got appointments to attend to, meetings to handle, gatherings to organise, etc. Not really complaining about these, but I still desire for some quiet time for myself. Having events happening one after another is quite tiring and drains me dry.

Should I get myself involved in so many things now? Should I start rejecting responsibilities that overload me?

Yes to simple pleasures in life = cycling, valve-ing, rc-ing…

anyway, more photos of HK/Malaysia to come….


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