HK-ers Part 1

Wooo. 24th May 2010. A huge milestone that I must not forget. It was my first plane ride. It was my first trip overseas via plane. After 22 years. Wooo.

Arrived at Changi International Airport.

A super early flight that got me and my family up super early. I was too excited to even sleep properly. my first ever flight experience. ever. At the airport 2 hours early, but the check-in queue was like ultra long. Apart from the huge group of students from ACSBR, the additional security screening and checks.

1st time in transit lounge with super long travelators included. There was this ang-moh kid who waved at us that gave me the creeps (recalled Final Destination) until my sister reminded me that we had always done that at SG’s land checkpoints. wahaha, the simple innocent mind of kids.

In the plane, being myself, I started to explore the plane, played with the in-flight entertainment system while waiting for the rest of the passengers. The wait ended when the 4 huge 747 engines roared to life. Seeing enough disaster shows/movies (Air Force One, Air Crash Investigation, Mythbusters, on and on) to know the consequences of a small mid-flight incident, I was excited yet scared.

The takeoff sequence was the most awesome experience. The acceleration generated by the engines was exhilarating.

A picture of the inflight meal provided. Quite tasteless though.

The slight turbulence throughout most of the flight was terrible. If I have a choice, I will not take a plane. I just can’t stand the vibrations. Apart from that, it was rather uneventful, which I was quite thankful for.

Welcome to Hong Kong!!!


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