one after the other

Events, one after the other. It’s so hard to understand why life has to be like that. Being bombarded by commitments and events during my school holidays is quite saddening already. Now, with more depressing events popping up one after the other, it is getting worse. Timetables have to be shifted around, commitments have to be thrown right out the door. Yes, I know the responsibilities I have, but still do understand my side too. I am a person that don’t like to push away prior responsibilities if I had agreed to it already. All the recent events are throwing me around like a rag doll, and I feel so…so lost (no other more appropriate words to describe my feelings now). I just wish that all these unexpected, depressing events will just stop popping up.

Anything else?


4 thoughts on “one after the other

  1. look on the bright side, as the days pass, all the events will unravel themselves and things will get finished eventually.. there’s always and eventuality and then everything will be better in the end (: jiayou

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