butter and glass

Before I post beautiful pictures and reminisce about my Hong Kong trip, I shall spend some time reflecting.

There is the saying that goes something like, you know you are growing older when people around you start to pass away. This is a little crude, but it is quite true too. When I was in my teens, I don’t really hear any news about people dying or passing on. Even if I attend a funeral, I am not really close to that particular person. There was no emotional connection and I was there just to pay respect to the deceased.

Now as I am getting older, people closer to me are passing on. People whom I know, whom I communicate with, whom I enjoy company with – these people are now moving on to the after-world. It gets frightening to know that death is catching up and will get you sooner or later. Thank God I still have a destination after death.

I have been in and out of ASSISI hospice straight after my holiday to Hong Kong. My aunt is struggling with a terrible illness now, and the doctors have given up on her situation. However, she whispered this to my dad on another occasion, “I will get well.” She is still fighting to stay alive. Tears just well up when I see her in that state. No one should have to go through this type of pain and suffering. edit: She passed away on 1st of June 2010 @ 8.15am

Life is so fragile. Everything you worked for, becomes insignificant when something like this happen. Treasure the time you have on Earth before everything becomes a blur…


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