com254 and ic0102

These two subjects really pushed me to my limits. Both needed loads of memorisation, both needed time to understand the concepts properly, and finally both got me writing til the last few pages of the booklet. No other subjects can make it do this, not even com207.

com254. I think I worried myself too much. It was reasonably simple and was just filled with plain regurgitation. No inferences, no exposition, etc etc. I wouldn’t say that attending his lectures and tutorials is a must (unless it is against your moral code or if you need the participation marks), as most of the information tested is provided in the readings and the assigned text. His lecture slides are just filled with questions, to get you thinking, you will still need to read the readings to fill in those blanks yourself. Apart from that, Bo, the lecturer, is a comically nice person. 🙂 a note: He remembers the names of the entire class within a week or two.

ic0102. Again, plain regurgitation. But alas, I am done with the lower level requirements to get a minor for ICT. If you are taking a minor in ICT, please do clear the ic01xx series. they are seriously easy. wahaha.

Now my hands just hurt. I am so so glad that for com227, we don’t have to write anymore. WEE TYPE! haha.


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