If MB107 and COM223 was compared on a continuum, they are as far as the East is from the West (despite them both being open-book exams). I am so worried and uptight for nothing. It must have been the disappointing performance at mb107’s exams that got me all flustered and worried. Talking about that, last night, I had a nightmare about mb107 that made me lose close to 2 hours of sleep. irritating, steal me sleep, I will kaboom you.

Okay, now about com223. Thanks to the study group (Terence, Irwin, Kai, Aini), we were relatively more prepared than if we revised individually. We went through 2 (correct me if i’m wrong) exam papers in less than 1/2 hour. We just like blazed through it, but still, that little glance prepared us (somewhat) for what was to come.

For those taking it in the semesters to come, please go for ALL his lectures and tutorials. Some information tested is not provided in his lecture notes or the tutorial briefing pdfs. He will like talk and discuss it verbally or provide some exercises for you to do that is related to the exams. Remember, attend all his lessons – usual nuggets for the exams (apart from his funny, contagious giggle).

Yes, he giggles. Want to learn it; it’s simple.

Step 1: say in an uninterested voice: HEE HEE HEE

Step 2: vocalise ‘DO RE MI’ melodically

Step 3: combine ‘HEE HEE HEE’ and the melody of ‘DO RE MI’ and tada, you get his giggle.

okay enough, I have 3 more papers, and I am still fooling around *slaps myself*


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