bicycles v. trucks

EIGHT in 10 of the 699 summonses issued to errant cyclists last year for cycling along footways of roads went to foreign cyclists.

This sentence was taken from the lead from a recent Straits Times article. Okay, this is amusing. Okay, foreigners don’t understand Singapore’s rules. hmm. The lead’s a little weird. Moving on…

More quotes.

To reaching out to foreign workers, Traffic Police have also been working closely with various foreign dormitories, corporate partners and organisations that employ a large number of foreign workers to promote safe cycling among their workers.

Traffic Police, in partnership with the Ministry of Manpower, have produced a road safety video for foreign workers that focuses specifically on the safety of pedestrians and safe cycling behaviour of cyclists.

Sounds really nice and noble. TP, thanks for educating foreigners how to cycle properly on our streets. I am glad this initiative is approved, all with the aim of keeping our pavements safe from reckless cyclists. I feel so much safer now. Thanks. Got video? Even cooler. One last quote.

Traffic Police have been actively reaching out to cyclists through platforms such as road safety talks and exhibitions in schools, workplaces and neighbourhoods.

Actively reaching out. I am still quite amused.

Here’s my point. Are reckless foreign cyclists more dangerous than reckless foreign lorry/truck drivers? They both are ignorant of our laws. They frighten people. They endanger lives. They may kill someone. So why is more priority given to educating foreigners how to cycle properly instead of sitting those lorry drivers in some lecture to drill our numerous road traffic acts to them. Why actively reach out to cyclists and not to drivers commanding heavy vehicles. To me, a speeding lorry driven recklessly has the potential to cause more collateral damage (and cause more harm to people) as compared to a reckless cyclist. I will not mind being ‘frightened’ by a cyclist as compared to being crushed in my car because some bugger commandeer his lorry/truck recklessly.

You have the statistics of the number of foreigners who got caught cycling on pavement, but there was and is no news report regarding the number of accidents caused by foreigners commanding heavy vehicles. Just do your own observation. Drive down an expressway and try to identify those drivers blatantly flouting our laws – most likely they are not Singaporeans.

enough of ranting. Just wanna get this off my chest – a form of catharsis.


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