CCL-ing: A Review

“Your attention please. For your own safety, please stand behind the yellow line.”

My virgin trip on the ORANGE line, and it was quite a great experience. However, there are issues that definitely can be improved on. Here goes, my review of Circle Line. (this is what exams does to people.)

Alighted from the EW line @ Paya Lebar, took the escalator down to the CCL. And whoosh, cool air blasted my face. Very good in this weather, but a little too cold. It was like 18degrees in that station. Paya Lebar’s CCL station is like Tenah Merah’s – Platform A and B are separated by a set of tracks in the middle. Good directional signs and friendly staff promptly got me to the correct platform.

Even before I descended the escalator, I could already hear the PA announcements super clearly. It was like everyone was deaf, or they intended to make all of us deaf too. It was super duperly loud, which was unnecessary. I don’t need to hear anything, if I can’t even hear anything from those distorted-sounding loudspeakers.

Now about the train. Instead of having 6 carriages, CCL trains have only 3 of them, with no option to add more as the stations are designed to only accommodate 3 carriages. I can only wonder what will happen if CCL gets popular – a can of sardine.

In the train. The ride was really nice and comfortable. it was as though the train had its suspension mode on comfortable. Very little track noise invaded the carriages too. The only thing I can hear is the nice smooth engine tune. Trains on the EW lines are completely different. They are so uncomfortable, with passengers feeling every single bump on the track. It is also very noisy in the EW trains. I have only one issue with CCL trains – They still come to a stop very abruptly – The same problem exhibited by the NEL trains…

That’s all. Just wanted to document this experience down…


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