Return Merchandise Authorisation

Bye bye lemon. I will never need to put up with a spoil machine anymore. Thank you Apple for agreeing to provide a 1-1 exchange after much discussion.

A summary of problems (that I can remember) encountered since Jul 2008.

  1. Top case ‘rusted’
  2. Power adapter not grounded properly
  3. Funan’s technician destroyed the replaced top case
  4. Top case replaced 2nd time
  5. Battery replaced – can’t hold charge properly
  6. Top case rusted again
  7. Adapter’s green LED light malfunctioned
  8. Harddisk’s invalid node structure
  9. Logic board (USB unable to detect properly)
  10. Harddisk bad sectors detected

awesome huh. an apple machine no less. a ling mong. I have had to live with all that trouble.

The latest issue got my jumping and hoppingly mad. It was the week with so many submissions and exams are in about 2 weeks, and the laptop had to die again, just 2 weeks after issue 8 was settled. I demanded for a 1-1 exchange, and got directed to the CR department again. Again, the CR peep (Kavi) was really nice, and he sounded really concerned and all, cooled me down a bit.

Long story cut short, they replaced my early-2008 model with a mid-2009 one. Faster CPU (2.4 vs 2.66). Faster and larger RAM (2GB 667 vs. 4GB 1066). Better graphics card (M + Integrated) that runs cooler. Better screen (supposedly). Nice, new trackpad. Black keys.

enough said. Gotta go back to studying. Here’s a photo.

Left: A dead brick. Right: The new one.

Unverified info: I will get a refund of my current applecare protection plan. I am also able to purchase another APP for this replacement laptop. awesome. Shall verify it on Monday.

People from Apple I have to thank who have helped me along this troublesome process. Thank you for bring so patient when I was so flustered, irritated (and maybe even angry?).

  • Murni – Counter staff – QCD @ Apple HQ for being so helpful and expediting the repair process, and being very understanding at the same time
  • Kelvin – Technician/equivalent – QCD @ Apple HQ for rushing my repairs when you found out that I was still schooling. I am really glad that you did that. I am also very sorry for putting you through so much trouble because of the many repair jobs. You are the only technician who cleans and polishes a customer’s laptop before returning it to the customer. You are the example for the rest of the technicians from other service centres (Hint: Sapura Funan is not really good. trust me). Finally, with this new laptop, I hope that I need not visit you anymore. 🙂 Hope you get a pay raise too (after the nice written compliment :)). haha
  • Kavi – Apple Customer Relations – Yea, you took more than 48 hours to call me back, but still, thanks for expediting the entire replacement process. You told me to wait 7 days for my laptop; it came in less than 48 hours. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Return Merchandise Authorisation

  1. Congratulations on your new MBP.

    Kelvin is indeed helpful. Called me a couple of times to verify my problems with the MB and instantly offered to replace all faulty parts while doing a full system hardware/software scan.

    11/10 star rating!

    Enjoy your new MBP!

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