NTU’s carpark charges

[news] NTU will implement paid parking from 1st may onwards. what a weird date to start charging.

awesome man. We are going to get more free lots and less people parking illegally. Or are we not? I love how OFPM justifies the implementation. Go read it, and you will start feeling all queezy.

Another way for them to make more money without doing anything to improve. And i heard from NC that they would give a 3 month notice before implementing this nonsense. Did they break their promise?

Why 1st may, and not 1st august, or 1st july or when the official school holiday start. Irwin has a good reason. They wanna charge everyone from students who are finishing their exams, students who will convocate in july and the freshmen who will be coming in August. Bao Kah Liao

Another suggestion, NTU should charge outsiders much more. 😛

The most amusing thing here is the contact email. it is not parking@ntu.edu.sg, it is not carparks@ntu.edu.sg, it is carpark@ntu.edu.sg. i dunnoe about you, but i just find it amusing how they decided on carpark and not carparks. Carpark doesn’t sound proper. 🙂


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