am really tired of chasing after deadlines, chasing after people to reply emails, chasing after scholarships, chasing after peace, chasing after everything and … wait for it … chasing after deadlines (repeated for emphasis).

am really tired. I was a little happier after the successful completion of mb107 presentation, but the happiness wore off completely. So many deadlines to meet, and even after much effort to plan and start this semester well, the humungous amount of work is terrifying. Meetings lah, assignments lah, projects lah, and meetings again.

I want my personal free time back again. I want to play the keyboard, I want to just not think about anything now. Tried to take a break after MB107’s presentation to relax, but i keep thinking about the blogposts/readings log that I have to do for this week, and to correct the mistakes in spectrum’s episode.

School is fun with friends and all. But that is overshadowed by Singapore (or specifically, NTU)’s academic system


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