PAP, cars & your votes

singaporeans should think properly. we are a bunch of people that are never satisfied. We forgot how much this country went through just to be out of the 3rd world countries list. All in just 40 years. This success has gotten into us, into Singaporeans. We take all these success for granted til we start thinking about insignificant stuff.

Which leads me to the point about your right to vote. I regularly visit car forums and related websites, and time and time again, I always see people making stupid comments, comments such as “petrol price so high, don’t vote for the current government.” The latest trend is that “COE going up and up, choose your vote wisely”

I mean, seriously, what are you brainless, irrational people thinking, and do you even think before posting such comments? Back on the point of not being satisfied. Here is one good example. COE prices too high, people complain say not equal rights for everyone. This argument is flawed as cars are classified as luxury items in Singapore, and thus, not a necessity, therefore not a right for everyone to have. Even if you can fight for a right, the courts won’t award you that. If everyone gets the right to own a car, and exercises that right, the government will have to demolish all, i mean ALL buildings and just fill Singapore with roads. But surprisingly, the government allowed the prices of those valuable certificates to drop, and if i remember correctly, said that it would like to let citizens own cars, and to charge them for the usage of it. More people could get cars then.

Now, vehicles are clogging up the road (note: i used vehicles, not cars, cause to me, roadhoggers are the ones clogging up the roads) and people complain again “why so many cars, and ERP keep increasing.” First you want to own a car, then when you own a car, you don’t want to pay more for using it. Firstly, would u rather pay $100,000 for a 1.6l toyota corolla, or pay 50k for it and spend the rest on usage. I prefer the latter.

In the near future, COE prices are expected to shoot up, because of speculation and stuff, not because of real demand. I am prepared for that anyway, cars can last much longer then you expect, just hold on to your current car lor, simple. What is worse is that people are asking others to “choose wisely” and in that context, cajoling them to vote for the opposition.

seriously? Will voting for the opposition really help your COE prices? So many things, the government did, but we are concentrating on the small, itsy bitsy stuff. U want cars, the govt give u cars. Now too many owners and govt wanna control it, you complain again. U want cheap cars, you go US. Don’t stay here. haiz.

I sometimes feel so sad at how citizens enjoying beautiful life here, use small little excuses or irrational arguments to vote for the opposition. To me, the opposition can be sucky (or maybe there are), but people just don’t want to vote for PAP. I also sometimes can terrified of the consequences if the opposition is brought into power JUST because people don’t want PAP, not that PAP is bad.


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