just that start, more to come

Update (5oct2010): There are too many articles to compile, thus please click here to have your daily dose of heavy-vehicles nonsense. 🙂

Source: last accessed – 21mar2010

I am getting more & more fed-up with those slow-poke drivers (especially vans, trucks) who drive in the right lane at a slow speed. Even their pick-up from a red light is so slow, they cause the whole line of cars behind them to waste time as they try to pick up speed, if they r even trying.

I see so many nowadays. 3 lanes & all with heavy vehicles driving slowly blocking other faster vehicles.

Makes driving very dangerous as many pple now have no choice but to overtake on the left.

Please please Mr. TP, do your job & keep those tortoises out of the fast lane.

source: last accessed – 21mar2010

Ya. I just cant stand those lorry & pickup drivers at all.

I showed finger to a damm lorry driving on right lane all the way on Wdlands Ave 12 to Gambas. Dunno if he saw or not but he bo chap & keep on right lane all the way.

Damm inconsiderate pple. They sud all b lined up remove their pants & bend down. Then get Raleighsingh to go behind & shoot one by one.

source: last accessed – 23mar2010

STOMPer Bluesar was annoyed when he spotted this van travelling on the extreme right lane of the expressway.

In an email to STOMP today (Mar 19), the STOMPer says:
“All of us know that vans are not supposed to be using the extreme right lane on the expressway.
“Apparently this van either chose to ignore the law or just wanted to play punk.
“He was on the extreme right lane for almost 30 mins and the whole journey, the driver have no intention to cut to the 2nd lane at all!
“Drivers, beware of this van and hope you will not be stuck behind them especially when you are rushing for time.”

source: last accessed – 23mar2010

a comment from this post

prowler77 said   on 21 Mar, 2010

To andystomp8,

The pics and the daily occurances of these drivers proves that TPs are not doing their jobs properly.

Yes, there are still drugs being peddled in sg illegally, but at least CNB had done their jobs in supressing this, which is why they are not peddled or sold openly in hypermarts or 7-11s.

For speeding commercial vehicles, our TP is unable to control them at all. If strictly consider 71km/h and above means speeding, or if these drivers drive at 70km/h and below on middle and lane 1, it’s road hogging. So when is TP going to act?

Hope someone should question this – how much gov revenue is lost due to TP’s failure to book these drivers.


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