a real e-learning week please?

Glenn, V & FD said that it will rain like that til tmr 10am and asked us to be careful of flash floods

the weather forecast for the next 6 days is So wonderful, Thank You God for the wonderful weather, a 180 degree change from the hot humid days just a week before. However, it’s raining so heavily that going to school is such a chore now. 🙂 To make things worse, it is NTU’s e-learning week now, but I don’t really have an e-learning week. Out of 10 class periods, I only got 2 off this week. To add to my woes, there are more project meetings this week than all the other weeks. So all in all, I am in school longer than all other weeks. I am so sad. :((

I wanna just lie on the bed, stay at home, and well if needed, study. But me don’t wanna fly to the west every weekday (i’ve got a 5 day week).

i want 5th may to come.


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