Just got an X6

no. not e mobile phone X6, but the BMW X6.

No, i didn’t get the real car though. sadly. 🙂 It’s an RC car, a really detailed model too. The pictures don’t really do the car justice, but hey, if you are interested in cars and have a childish, ahem, childhood-fulfilling desire to manipulate them with a remote control, get them soon yea. It is branded as RASTAR, and is currently sold at Toys ‘r’ us and Action City (from what I know, that is) at 39.95 (CHEAP!!). They have brands ranging from Toyotas to Infinitis. Check them out…

and oh yea, the scale of the models are 1:14, quite big and clunky. Zhng the motor (aftermarket) inside to give you twice the speed.

another advert: Toys’r’us are selling Ferraris and Lambos @ half price too. I am so going to get them the next time I step into Vivo…


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