rotten apple trouble (part 2)

Su Lin @ Apple’s Tech Hotline

I was shocked after I called Apple’s Tech hotline @ 800-186-1087. A Singaporean voice greeted me warmly. I was pleasantly surprised. After all these years of communicating with Apple, that was the FIRST time a Singaporean answered the call. She handled the call professionally and went through all the troubleshooting steps slowly and patiently. She listened to all my rants, and remembered all of them. Finally, she didn’t end the call with “have a great day.” I hate agents to tell me to have a great day, when obviously I am not in a very good mood.

Murni @ QCD AMK

She handled the situation efficiently despite the tense mood regarding the laptop. She provided a loan laptop readily without me pleading and forcing my way.

Kelvin OR Kevin (I can’t rmb) @ QCD AMK

He listened to the issues patiently and didn’t act defensively, unlike other service centre’s staff. He promised to expedite my repair process after he heard that I am still schooling and needed the laptop back desperately. He fulfilled that promise. I sent in my MBP on saturday, and got it back on Monday. Which other service centre is as flexible.

I am so thankful that I have these 3 people who provided stellar service throughout my ‘ordeal’ I will definitely find a way to provide this positive feedback to Apple.


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