rotten apple trouble (part 1)

jeng jeng jeng. (thanks aini for this creative phrase) I’ve got a lemon. I really believe that the MacBook Pro I received is a lemon.

“If life throws you a lemon, use it to take over the world.” Terence’s logline for 227’s treatment is so appropriate in this case. I shall take this lemon and take over the ‘world’, and the world in this case is APPLE. The lemon they gave me shall be their stumbling block. LOLs. Just a rant, am terribly upset that my mbp keeps giving problems (previous issues – dead battery, rusting top case – summarised here).

And now, my hard disk died on me, right after I installed Safari 4.0.5 update. I have appleupdateaphobia now – the fear of installing official apple updates.

I tried resetting PRAM, resetting SMC, and still the boot-up sequence still hangs at the greyish white screen with the apple logo. Next, i tried to do a safe boot (command+shift+v) and it still didn’t boot. Here was the error message…

“disk0s2: i/o error”

And with no more alternatives left, I inserted e mac OS CD and started the verification process in disk utility in the hope that the hard disk is still alive and it is just a software problem. and then i got “invalid node structure”. I resigned after that. My heart really sank man, cause my MB107 annotated lecture notes was not backed up.

Apart from the problems, this time round, I am quite pleased with the service provided by Apple’s customer service officer, QCD’s counter staff & QCD’s technician. (continued in next post)


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