2 more dreams

2 more dreams last night. I don’t know how they are connected, but here goes.


was sitting down eating lunch with someone (my mum?), when someone started puking all over the place. He puked for a really, really long time. really long time. I turned away, brought my food along with me to another table. He was still puking.

Okay, that’s all for ONE, now for TWO


Was walking down a slope with bicycles parked along the pavement. Was trying to find my own bike to retrieve the back safety light. After retrieving it, I proceeded to the doctor’s to retrieve a bag of stuff that my mum left behind.

and then I woke up. I am glad that I can remember last night’s dreams. It feels sucky not to be able to recall anything after waking up. and I still can’t recall the dreams from the last 3 nights.


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