Contract? or not?

Seriously, the subjects I am studying makes me super aware of the world around me. 225/227/253 ‘destroy’ my film-watching child-like innocent. I now watch films with a critical eye, watching out for the distinct acts, analysing character traits, monitoring motivations. I could even analyse Happy Feet last night. What is happening to me man. Now MB107 is also playing around with me. I now stare at exemption clauses and breaking them down. This is maddening. haha. People emphasises about news story angles and their important. For me now, I look at life, at the world around me with a lens over my eyes. My worldview is changing.

And interestingly, I found this at the bottom of a course schedule,

is a course schedule/syllabus a contract? Well maybe, as there is full information provided and normally, negotiation is usually not entertained. However, was there an intention for a legal relation between us student and the instructor? Analysing the above clause was so funny. This is most likely not a contract already, but the instructor still included this to protect himself.



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