CNY 2010 Day 1

This was the day when madness reigned, where tempers (should) flare up, where people rushed about preparing…but things seemed so eerily calm as I walked down the usual route to church to attend the Lunar New Year service. I had silence, for once @ Bedok North. Deserted streets flowed beneath my feet, closed rusty  metallic shutters flashed past me continuously. The birds were not even chirping. The entire thing feels like a scene out of resident evil, half-expecting a half-human zombie to magically appear out of some corner.

What a quiet road…Just opposite Fengshan Market. On a normal day, cars will be zooming by one after the other. CNY Day 1. Someone can just a dance in the middle of the street without offending any motorist.:)

And the carpark @ 85 is super empty. No delivery trucks, no incessant sounding of horns and most importantly, there are ample parking lots for everyone (if there is even anyone). 🙂

The rest of the day went by quickly. What a hot day, the car’s aircon was the only hope after each house. wahaha. Okie, back to preparations…


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